Bromine benefits and bromine-based solutions for society and economy
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Our mission is to be the reference source for information and science on bromine and bromine benefits and technologies globally.


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Bromine-based solutions for society and economy

BSEF, the International Bromine Council, is the global organization of the bromine industry promoting the bromine benefits  and bromine technologies for society and economy as well as commissioning science on bromine and bromine-based solutions.

Since 1997 we have been working to foster knowledge on the uses and benefits of bromine-based solutions for society and economy. We strongly believe in science and innovation. Through investments in research and development BSEF members create robust bromine-based technologies meeting the needs of society.

What BSEF does:

  • Promote the bromine benefits and bromine technologies for society and economy
  • Commission and disseminate science on bromine and bromine technologies
  • Support BSEF members and market organizations in their engagement with policy makers and regulatory authorities
  • Represent the bromine technology