Bromine. Let’s talk bromine: applications, benefits and technologies
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Periodic table of the elements - Bromine

Let’s talk bromine: a conversation starter­­ in the fast-moving bromine field

Let’s talk … what?
Bromine. Let’s talk bromine.

You are probably familiar with the halogen group of the periodic table, and with its well-known elements fluorinechlorine and iodine. But have you noticed the chemical symbol Br in these columns? Bromine is a reddish-brown liquid that is never naturally found in its elemental form. It is rather seen in its inorganic compounds – also known as bromides – and in natural organo-bromine compounds. Bromine is extracted from salt lakes where the element is especially abundant, such as the Dead Sea bordering Jordan and Israel. Today around 500,000 tons of bromine are estimated to be produced annually on a worldwide basis.

But what is this large amount of bromine used for?

The largest use is in fire safety. Brominated flame retardants slow down the time it takes for a fire to develop, making articles such as furniture and plastics safer. Bromine-based solutions are essential however to many other most important innovations and technologies. Since its discovery, bromine compounds have been used for water treatment, reduction of mercury emissionsoil drillingcrop protection, energy storage and generation, production of pharmaceuticals, and as a catalyst for plastics (PTA) and specialty rubber uses.

Bromine applications - Water treatment - Reduction of mercury emissions - Fire safety - Energy - Pharmaceuticals - Rubber

Bromine: a conversation starter

Excited by these applications? So are we!
The possibilities of bromine are constantly evolving. We love to spread our up-to-date knowledge with those interested. In our quarterly newsletters and on this blogpage, we highlight new developments in this fast-moving technological field. Our aim is to inform, and to talk about bromine in a more sociable way. For us, the articles are an invitation to start conversations.

Get updated, share our insights, give opinions, participate in the conversation!



Wondering who these “bromine-lovers” are?
We are BSEF – The International Bromine Council. We foster knowledge on the uses and benefits of bromine-based solutions for a wide range of everyday industrial and domestic applications. BSEF actively socializes the role of bromine by promoting six key applications: mercury emissions reduction, water treatment, fire safety, energy production and storage as well as pharmaceuticals and rubber. Our vision is to be the reference source for information and science on bromine and its technologies globally.

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