BSEF at 3rd Energy Storage Global Conference - Let's talk bromine
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BSEF at 3rd Energy Storage Global Conference

Together with the global demand for energy, the importance of sustainable and flexible energy systems and storage solutions is on the rise.

Are you ready to join the energy storage debate? BSEF will be one of the exhibitors at ESGC (Energy Storage Global Conference) this year. This third edition will be held in Brussels, Belgium from the 24th until the 26th of October.

As a passionate advocate of  the many benefits of bromine, we will be  talking about bromine-based energy storage solutions and technologies and their benefits  to society.

Come and find our booth at the conference. We would love to see you there and discuss new insights and innovations!

Why is energy storage important?

Ideally electricity supply and demand should be equal at any given moment, in other words, all the electricity that is produced is consumed immediately. However, in practice, this is difficult to achieve as it can’t always be predicted when there will be an increase – or decrease – in demand. . Capturing and storing energy for future use can therefore help  to balance out irregular supply and demand to create a more flexible and reliable power grid system.

Efforts for a smooth energy transition

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE), who organizes ESGC, operates within the framework of the European energy and climate policy and strives to actively promote the widespread use of sustainable energy storage systems in Europe and across the globe. Its main goal is to create a public European platform where  new innovations and developments are shared.


About ESGC

If you are interested to know more about the latest developments in energy storage technologies, regulatory and policy development and the future storage market, then the Energy Storage Global Conference is the place to be.

The 3-day gathering is the ideal opportunity for industry key players, researchers and international policymakers to debate about important issues for the energy storage sector.

Bromine-based storage technologies

Elestor is a Dutch high-tech company operating in the electricity storage industry. Wiebrand Kout, founder, engineer and Elestor’s CTO, will be speaking about the bromine-based energy storage technologies and models they are currently developing. He will be presenting during session 2 on the first day: “Next Generation Battery Technologies: Flow Batteries, High-Temperature Batteries, Li-ion batteries”.

If you are eager to know more about bromine-based technologies used in redox-flow batteries (RFBs), then make sure to attend his lecture or read our other blog article on our visit to Elestor.


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