ABICHAMA promotes fire safety in main events of the segment in Brazil - Let's talk bromine
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ABICHAMA promotes fire safety in main events of the segment in Brazil

In October and November, ABICHAMA participated in three of the main events regarding fire safety in Brazil.

The association’s president, Lilian Salim, gave a presentation about the “Applicability of ABNT NBR 16405:2015 in upholstered furniture for fire prevention” during the National Passive Protection Seminar (Rio de Janeiro webinar) on November 19th, and reinforced the benefits of the use of flame retardants, addressing, for instance, the increase in escape time.

Os retardantes de chamaABICHAMA sponsored the Fire Safety Promotion Group (GSI) workshop, one of the main events of the fire safety segment in Brazil. The event occurred online on October 15th and November 12th and covered topics such as fire and emergency simulations in hospitals, behavior of wooden structures during fires, and a presentation of the NBR 16651:2019 – Fire protection in health care facilities standard, which ABICHAMA is currently reviewing.

The association also supported the International Sprinkler Seminar, reiterating the Association’s positioning of supporting both passive and active protection measures against fire.

Other activities

 Furthermore, ABICHAMA is working on two fire testing programmes:

  • One in partnership with the Technical Research Institute from the University of São Paulo (IPT),
  • The other programme with Colonel Cajaty, from the Brasília Fire Service. The goal of the IPT test is to compare the burning of TV sets with and without flame retardants, in addition to generating technical materials/articles about fire safety statistics in Brazil.

ABICHAMA will also take part on the next meeting of the Parliamentary Fire Safety Front, which will take place in November. A byline article on the use of flame retardants, based on Prof. Masaru Kitano’s book “Introduction to Flame Retardancy – Protect your life and property from fire”, is being developed. The article will be disclosed in 2021.

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