BSEF China attends Polymeric Flame Retardant Symposium in Shanghai - Let's talk bromine
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BSEF China attends Polymeric Flame Retardant Symposium in Shanghai

On May 12, BSEF China attended the Polymeric Flame Retardant Symposium organized by China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE) in Shanghai.

During the symposium the HBCD phase-out and the use of polymeric flame retardant as an eco-friendly alternative to HBCD in the building and energy efficiency industry was discussed. Jessie Liang from DuPont introduced the successful application of the polymeric flame retardant as an alternative to HBCD in EU and Japan. Both BASF and Fuda Tec also shared their experiences in replacing HBCD with polymeric flame retardant with the audience.

Polymeric flame retardant working group was officially formed under CABEE’s leadership during the symposium. Michael Tew from Lanxess announced a guarantee on behalf of the working group. It is guaranteed that the working group shall support China government and associations to implement HBCD phase-out, actively promote and use eco-friendly, sustainable flame retardants as alternatives to HBCD, and to support the sustainable development of building energy efficiency industry in China.

Harry Du, Secretary of BSEF China made a presentation on the sustainable development of flame retardants. “A new generation of brominated flame retardants such as Butadiene Styrene Co-polymer represent a trend of sustainable flame retardants”. Harry also mentioned that that risk evaluation for chemicals now takes care of both hazard and exposure, and risk evaluation should focus on a specific chemical instead of a family of chemicals.

Lein Tange from ICL introduced the PolyStyreneLoop project in the EU including recycling and treatment of HBCD foams via a video presentation. As a practice of chemical recycling, the PolyStyreneLoop project sets a good example for China in sound management of HBCD foams.

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