BSEF Japan – The JPCA show and the innovative thermoplastics by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation - Let's talk bromine
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BSEF Japan – The JPCA show and the innovative thermoplastics by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

BSEF Japan successfully exhibits at the JPCA Show

BSEF Japan recently exhibited at the JPCA Show, the largest forum in Japan for electronic circuit industry stakeholders, which took place at Tokyo Big Sight on 27-29 October. Together with the support of BSEF Japan’s member companies, BSEF Japan provided visitors with detailed explanations of BSEF’s activities, what bromine is, and how BFRs contribute to fire safety and protect people’s lives. 

BSEF Japan had the opportunity to discuss and gain an accurate understanding of the public’s perspective on the role bromine and BFRs play in society.

Due to Covid-19, there were fewer exhibitors and visitors to this year’s show versus that of 2019. However, the central location of its booth enabled BSEF Japan to receive greater exposure than other booths, leading to relatively more visitors coming to it and staying.

Mitsubishi Chemical develops flame-shielding FRTP for EVs

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has developed a fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (FRTP) that not only gives

outstanding flame-shielding performance but also provides excellent recyclability with the high yield level that is a key feature of a thermoplastic resin matrix.

In addition to marketing the new material to the automotive sector, where it will be applied to products such as battery systems for electric vehicles and other forms of electric mobility, the company also plans to market it to building materials and machine parts for which flame-shielding properties are important.

The thermoplastic’s enhanced flame retardancy has been demonstrated in tests, blocking flames for at least five minutes at temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

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