The batteries that are fit for the future and puts consumer safety first - Let's talk bromine
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The batteries that are fit for the future and puts consumer safety first

On 10 March 2022, the European Parliament adopted its position on the Batteries and Waste Batteries Regulation with an overwhelming majority. This is an important step towards reaching the EU’s climate and zero pollution goals. The new regulation will set ambitious sustainability and performance requirements as well as ensure safety throughout their life cycle.

Bromine-based energy storage fulfils all these requirements; it is removable, replaceable and meets tough durability standards. In addition, energy is saved as the recycling phase can be skipped and the bromine-based component applied in the manufacturing of new products or components from insulation to electronics to vehicles.

In terms of climate, bromine-based energy storage sustainably manages the energy from renewable sources, minimizing energy loss, reducing overall energy use and cost compared to alternatives. In short, it provides a highly efficient and cost-effective solution while providing best in class fire safety properties protecting consumers in their daily lives.

Our industry is ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today and to ensure efficient, sustainable and circular management of low-carbon, renewable energy resources.

Read more about how brominated flame retardants contribute to achieving the EU’s sustainability and climate goals here while protecting Europeans against fire hazards.

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