BSEF present and speak at seminar on “Sustainable Ways to Respond to TBT Issues” at the National Assembly - Let's talk bromine
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BSEF present and speak at seminar on “Sustainable Ways to Respond to TBT Issues” at the National Assembly

On 6 December 2022, BSEF attended the National Assembly (NA) seminar on “Sustainable ways to respond to TBT issues”. The event focused on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), mandatory technical regulations and voluntary standards that define specific characteristics that a product should have, such as its size, shape, design, labelling, performance etc., and their implications on trade and competitiveness.

In this context, Secretary General Michael Hack and ICL Global Director of Advocacy Joel Tenney had the opportunity to present and speak in front of a broad audience of NA Members and high-profile participants about Canada’s proposed ban of decabromodiphenyl ethane (DBDPE), a brominated flame retardant currently used in a wide range of products (i.e. lubricants, polymers, inks and toners), highlighting its implications on Korea’s and the global electrical and electronic products (E&E) industry.

Secretary General Michael Hack presenting at the Korean National Assembly

More in detail, attendees and panelists included representatives from Korea Electronics Association (KEA), members of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), Korean OEMs, academics, research institutions and NA members Mr. Huh Young (Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, Democratic Party) and Ms. Han Moo-kyung (Trade, Industry, Energy, SMEs, and Startups Committee, People Power Party).

BSEF with NA member Mr. Huh Young

The discussion was characterized by a positive and open conversation on the fundamental role played by BFRs in protecting lives and property from the threat of fire. In this sense, all participants agreed on the need to cooperate to establish sustainable solutions to TBT issues, ensuring that Fire Safety and Fire Prevention remain key priorities on the agenda.

BSEF with NA member Ms. Han Moo-kyung

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