China is improving the flame retardancy of furniture - Let's talk bromine
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China is improving the flame retardancy of furniture

One of China’s current key priorities is the improvement of furniture’s flame retardancy. This is because modern home and public spaces contain highly flammable materials and while the increased use of plastics, composites, foams, and synthetic fiber-based fillings make practical, comfortable and more energy efficient living, it has brought with it an increased risk of fire as many of these polymers can be highly flammable. Upholstered furniture is thus an important application field for flame retardants, which play an essential role in preventing furniture, carpets, wall coverings and drapery from easily igniting and burning rapidly.

During the recent annual conference of the national technical committee for furniture (TC480) in China, the initial draft national standard of Safety technical specification of fire retardant for furniture was completed and it will be issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for public consultation shortly.

The TC480 committee has also prioritized the so-called “intelligent furniture”, meaning furniture connected to a network or device (smart home hub, computer or phone), and the “furniture for the elderly”, which is specifically conceived for seniors to provide them with better standards both in terms of physical comfort (especially in case of mobility issues) and well-being. In this sense, while the draft national standard of the General technology requirements for intelligent furniture is currently on public consultation, it has been specified that its standard on flame retardancy requirements will have to meet the requirements of the Safety technical specification of fire retardant for furniture national standard.

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