Abichama meeting with key stakeholders: Addressing POPs with Ministry of Environment - Let's talk bromine
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Abichama meeting with key stakeholders: Addressing POPs with Ministry of Environment

In late April, Abichama met with representatives from the Ministry of the Environment and Ibama to discuss the issue of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and deliberate on concrete actions to eliminate the release of these pollutants into the environment, specifically focusing on Deca-BDE – Decabromodiphenyl Oxide. 

The meeting represents a convergence between the private industry and government agencies. By bringing together industry leaders and regulatory representatives, Abichama showcased its commitment to sustainable practices and responsible leadership in the sector. Engaging with such important stakeholders at the executive level demonstrates Abichama’s seriousness in addressing the challenge of POPs and finding joint solutions to minimize their impact on the environment and human health. 

The meeting provided a platform for meaningful discussions on regulatory frameworks, best practices, and technological advancements aimed at reducing the release and exposure to these harmful substances. Following the meeting, Abichama received an invitation to participate in the Review of the National Implementation Plan for the Stockholm Convention. This opportunity acknowledges Abichama’s expertise and dedication to responsible chemical management. 

By actively contributing to the review process, Abichama can ensure that the national plan aligns with the association’s insights and recommendations. Abichama has also been asked to contribute data regarding the industry that can help Ibama to keep the issue up to date. This participation will enable Abichama to influence policy decisions, safeguard the interests of its members, and promote sustainable solutions for the entire community. 

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