BSEF partner Abichama meets with students of Mauá Technology Institute to raise awareness on fire safety - Let's talk bromine
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BSEF partner Abichama meets with students of Mauá Technology Institute to raise awareness on fire safety

Abichama recently visited the campus of Mauá Technology Institute, located in São Paulo, Brazil with the goal of strengthening their relationship with one of the most relevant university centers in the State and discussing partnership possibilities. This is part of Abichama and BSEF’s constant efforts and commitment to provide students and future decision makers with relevant information on fire safety and the essential role played by flame retardants (FRs) in ensuring protection from fire, while also representing a valuable acknowledgment of their expertise and dedication to the fire protection sector. 

While visiting four different research labs, Abichama’s associates explained the history of the association, its participation in creating technical standards for product application, its key contribution to the creation of new stronger fire safety laws and its presence on key public hearings to improve fire safety in the country. Time was also devoted to illustrating the importance of FRs and the national scenario of fire safety actions. Mauá representatives offered opportunities for the partnership, including: 

  • An invitation for Abichama to attend EUREKA – the exhibition of the student’s final papers by Business, Design and Engineering graduates; 
  • The opportunity for Abichama to send theme suggestions for the student’s final paper; 
  • The possibility for Abichama to give a lecture for students, related to the fire safety sector.

Abichama immediately seized the opportunity and suggested the topic “Fire load in residential and commercial buildings” for the Engineering students’ final paper. The two parties also reaffirmed their willingness to continue their partnership throughout 2023. Overall, this encounter was also an opportunity to encourage the discussions around the relevance of FRs and highlight the importance of Abichama and BSEF as a source for information on fire safety’s best practices, the necessity of technological advances, and the importance of new regulations and laws to improve fire safety for the society.  

The visit was attended by Abichama’s associates and members of Mauá Institute, including the engineer José Roberto de Campos, Principal of the Research Center; engineer Claudio Luiz Foltran Rodrigues, manager of the Innovation and Quality Division; and Prof. Soraya Arida Katchvartanian, who supports partnerships related to civil engineering.

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